Senior year at SCAD is flying by faster than expected. I still cannot believe that today marks the end of my portfolio course!

At SCAD, all Fashion Marketing and Management (FASM) majors are required to finish a capstone. This is a self assigned project that focuses around a field of interest we wish to pursue post graduation. I've had a trend report in mind since last Spring, so at the end of this post is my child, SHRED.

First off, what did I want to accomplish?

For my capstone, I wanted to create more than just a trend report, I wanted it to be fresh, different, and have a dash of sass. That vision was SHRED, an independent, internet based report for the Autumn/Winter 2018/19 season that focused on women’s denim. This report explored various categories such as clothing, textiles, and details. Research was sourced from multiple sources to best explore areas from runway to cultural influence.

Why Denim?

The market is currently filled with various trend reports that cover everything and anything. The issue is that since they all attempt to cover everything that is happening, specific categories in tend tends to be overlooked. I am confident in the importance of denim not only as a wardrobe staple, but how it has risen in influence over the past few years. It will continue to be a weave further incorporated into designers collections for years to come.

What is SHRED?

SHRED is an innovative, fresh perspective on a trend report (that happens to have an unhealthy relationship with denim). Exclusively for the innovators, from high end to the street, this internet based subscription service explores fashion from the millennial perspective. The trends that are authentically forward, valuable, and influential to this customer base are explored throughout each issue. As other trend companies focus on all the overarching trends in fashion, we pride ourselves on considering a specific category to ensure all the micro to macro trends happening are covered.